Revitalize: building a new footprint for your organization with the VitalityWheel ©.

How does my industry remain relevant in the 21st century? For customers, employees and other stakeholders? Forget ‘Customer Intimacy, Product Leadership and Operational Excellence’ and start re-inventing your organization with the VitalityWheel ©

Gerard Ekhart
about revitalizing
the industry

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How to revitalize?

The Vitality wheel helps you to start revitalizing your business.

Footprint consultancy

Are you ready to design and build the new footprint of your organization and secure business continuity in the 21st century?

Transition management

Are you stuck in a variety of new projects and initiatives on Innovation and Industry 4.0 in your company and is successful implementation an issue?

Knowledge base

Get involved in the future of manufacturing

Become part of the ‘Made in Europe’ community. We started with a select group of senior business professionals from the European Manufacturing Industry that contributed to Gerard’s academic research, called ‘Made in Europe’. You can find an abstract of the research here. You can also order the ‘Extended Executive Summary of the research paper or the full doctoral research thesis document. Click here to order directly.

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