Knowledge and ambition

Based on Gerard’s longstanding experience in a variety of global industries, he has gained extensive insiderknowledge on both strategy and execution. His unlimited interest in technology and digitization sparkeda new ambition: prepare the industry for the future / make the industry futureproof.

Gerard combined his work as a practitioner with a doctoral research(Made @ Europe, 2019) andcame to the conclusion that revitalizing Europe’s industry is a prerequisite to remain relevant. Just adapting is not sufficient; you need to re-invent yourself and seize the opportunities to remain competitive.

Where lots of industries and employees are suspicious about a future where digitization rules, Gerard sees opportunities.

By looking at the footprint of your company, you will gain new insights and uncover your improvement potential.

Do you want to revitalize your company?

Gerard Ekhart

“Manufacturing firms need to re-invent themselves.”

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Footprint consultancy

Are you ready to design and build the new footprint of your organization and secure business continuity in the 21st century?

Transition management

Are you stuck in a variety of new projects and initiatives on Innovation and Industry 4.0 in your company and is successful implementation an issue?

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