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Every day you hear and read about the tidal wave of new technologies flooding our businesses. During an inspiring lecture, Gerard takes you along an historic route highlighting the most relevant developments of the four industrial revolutions. He combines the latest academic theories with real life examples of global business winners and losers.

Gerard’s lecture provides new insights and answers to questions like…

  • What are today’s most important megatrends?
  • What are the most important industrial revolutions that brought us to where we are today?
  • What can we learn from companies that did not survive previous industrial revolutions?
  • What winning strategies do today’s market leading companies have?
  • Which sectors will be impacted most by the ongoing 4th industrial revolution?
  • What do all the technology driven changes mean for the industrial landscape of the future?
  • What is the influence of the 4th Industrial revolution on business, government and employees?

“Gerard is an enthusiastic speaker who highlights value creation for companies in the context of the 4 e industrial revolution from a number of new and surprising insights”

Jasper de Grauw, Partner Deloitte FA (NL)

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